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Dairy Protein By Michael Crane Photo iStockphoto.com/GoodOlga. Edited by Quinn Williams In one form or another, protein frequently finds its way onto our annual list of ingredients to watch. But after years of warily eyeing each other from across the room, dairy proteins and plant proteins may be headed toward new levels of tension in 2017. To start with, the latest sales figures for plant protein and whey protein (a dominant player in the dairy-protein space) tell strikingly different stories. After years of slowing growth, whey protein actually experienced shrinking year-over-year sales this past year. SPINS reports that whey protein, when used as the only protein source in a product, saw sales decrease by 8.6% in the last year to reach $317.8 million.1 Plant-protein sales, on the other hand, continued to grow at a steady clip, both when used alone and in combination with animal proteins. Sales number like those are likely one reason why the dairy industry is fighting back against plant-based milks, at least. In December, 32 members of Congressmany of whom hail from milk-producing states sent a letter to FDA requesting the agency take action against plant-based drinks bearing the term milk . Pointing to the slumping sales of dairy milk, the Congressmen said plant-based products misbranded as milk mislead consumers and are a violation of milks standard of identity. But even without the dairy-protein industry taking defensive steps, the plant-protein world still has its fair share of challenges to overcome. In a recent Nutritional Outlook webcast on protein and the sports-nutrition market , Julie Daoust, PhD, research and development manager for plant-foods brand Vega, explained that despite the many new plant-protein sources on the market, there is still work to be done when it comes to taste and texture. Plant proteins may have poor solubility, gritty mouthfeel, or bitter aftertaste, and often lack established supply chains to ensure stable production. Theres also the question of which audience a protein product is trying to reach. While plant proteins may be attractive to vegans, vegetarians, and environmentally conscious consumers, many hardcore athletes still see plant proteins as inferior to dairy proteins like whey, and are therefore unlikely to abandon dairy anytime soon, Eleanor Dwyer, research analyst for Euromonitor, explained in the same webcast.

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